Practice Areas

Venture Capital & Seed Financings

We represent companies and investors in angel, seed round, institutional and strategic venture capital financings. We have worked on thousands of transactions across the US, the UK and other geographies since the firm started in 2000. In 2019, we completed over 300 deals and so far in 2020, over 180. We offer our clients a depth of UK and Silicon Valley expertise, along with technical precision, practicality and efficiency.

We have extensive experience working on secondary sales and exits (buy-side and sell-side), as well as private tender offers. We frequently advise investors on ongoing portfolio company matters, SEC filings and exits. We have also assisted our clients with numerous debt transactions (including venture debt) and on fund investments from time to time.

We also advise law firms outside the US on US securities law matters in financings and other transactions involving US issuers or US investors. We also support in-house legal teams and have a practical and precise approach.

Representative clients in this area include Global Founders CapitalLondon Venture PartnersPlay VenturesInitial CapitalPicus Capital and Broadway Angels.

Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures

We have extensive experience in mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. We have represented buyers, sellers, as well as management teams in hundreds of transactions in the US, Europe, India and other locations.

We work closely with our clients on structuring, negotiations, assisting with project management and bringing deals through to completion. This frequently involves advice on corporate governance matters as well as assisting with transition, communication and overall integration matters.

We often support in-house legal teams or serve as special counsel to companies or teams. We also advise investors in exits (or in selling a significant/control stake) and can partner closely with our client’s financial advisors and, if helpful, local counsel.

We offer legal expertise and focus to our clients to effectively and efficiently complete their transactions.

Representative clients in this area have included AgilenteBayGap Inc.Intel, Trinity (sold to WNS) and Xcert.

Start-up Matters & Entity Formations

We have successfully represented numerous entities on formation and initial “start-up” matters through initial formation, financings and ultimately trade sale or other exits to buyers across the globe.

We have extensive experience with overall legal structuring matters, legal entity conversions (e.g., US and UK flips; LLCs into corporations). We also frequently provide support on inter-company agreements, stock option / stock issuance plans and overall IP assignment and general employment law matters. We also have created and maintain numerous US subsidiary companies for our clients.

We also represent investors when doing due diligence and have done the same for law firms and in house legal teams.

We have also worked closely with founders and other executives, including management teams as special counsel on various matters from time to time.

We are well suited to handle the various matters that can arise throughout the life of a company, including proactively structuring for initial as well as ongoing investments, commercial transactions and eventual exits.

Representative clients in this area include LGNaiDiamond FoundryNomadic LearningMeru Health and Montikids.

Licensing & Contracts

We work with clients in a variety of industries on licensing and commercial contracts. This includes support on intellectual property, transfer and assignment agreements, inbound and outbound licensing deals, SaaS/PaaS solutions, media and content, mobile applications and cloud services, and a variety of other transactions.

We also assist with website terms of service & privacy policies, localizing contracts and preparing forms and agreements. We also frequently draft and review employee and contractor services agreements, confidentiality and other related agreements.

We also support investors and other parties in due diligence in these areas from time to time.

We frequently provide legal guidance and support to our executive, sales and business development, human resources and in-house legal teams. We enjoy partnering with our clients to achieve their ultimate commercial objectives in a timely fashion. We also provide leave coverage as well as specific quarter-end and year-end support.

Representative company-side clients in this area include ABB Optical Group, ETG, Popsugar, SyntheticMR, Unlock and Valiance.

SEC Compliance & Advice

We have an in-depth knowledge of US state and federal securities laws and compliance matters and provide US SEC-related advice for companies, investors and other parties.

In addition to touching many of our practice areas, this includes frequently providing specific targeted advice to investors on registration rights or with regard to holding shares in a company that is about to or has gone public.

We also prepare and help certain funds and other clients file various insider and beneficial ownership reporting forms, such as US SEC Form 3s, 4s and 5s and Schedule 13D and 13G reports.

We also advise law firms outside the US from time to time on US securities law matters as well as in-house legal teams.

Representative clients in this area have included Adept, Advent Venture Partners, Agilent, Gap Inc., Global Founders Capital and RSA.