Since 2000 we’ve worked with venture capital, strategic and angel investors as well as start-ups. Some of our clients are Fortune 500 while we also represent executives from time to time as well as other individuals.

Our team focuses on providing excellent services in the following five practice areas:

Why work with us

Extraordinary Service with Precision

We love providing extraordinary service to our clients. We believe in clear, solution-oriented communication. Accordingly, we aim to provide precise as well as commercially practical advice in a competitively priced and time sensitive manner.

Experience & Focus

We focus on providing extraordinary service across our practice areas to a select number of clients and have done so since 2000. We have come from top law firms in the US, the UK, Canada and Australia and several of us have held top in-house positions as well.

Knowledge & Expertise

We have a deep well of expertise across a variety of industries and growth stages, from pre-formation counselling to growth and expansion financings at all stages, restructurings as well as exit transactions.

Geographic Scope

We have extensive international experience and are used to working effectively and efficiently across multiple time zones. We have offices in San Francisco and London and partner closely with our clients.